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Gallery: Plum Market Enters the Foodie Landscape in Downtown Detroit

July 06, 2019, 9:54 AM by  Allan Lengel

Photos by Deadline Detroit

There's plenty of variety for lunch these days in downtown Detroit. There are chain sandwich joints, food trucks, pizza, coneys, Mexican, Thai, deli, Greek and sushi -- just to name a few. 

Still, there's room for something like this: Plum Market at 500 Woodward Ave., just north of Jefferson Avenue, which opened this past Wednesday.

While known for being a bit pricey, it also has a reputation for being high quality. With a salad and sushi bar and hot and cold foods including grilled salmon -- and some groceries -- it's a welcome addition to the downtown landscape. You can carry out or eat in after purchasing your food at the register. You can also buy everything from deodorant to ice cream and wine. 

We took a stroll through on Friday and snapped some photos.





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