Prop 1 Payoff: Beer-Flavor Pot Edibles, Cannabis-Infused Beverages Are Coming to Michigan

August 15, 2019, 2:36 PM

This seems so inevitable, we wonder why it took 'til now.

Kathleen Gray of the Detroit Free Press reports on a pure Michigan hookup:

Two of the biggest Michigan companies in marijuana and craft beer have formed a business partnership to bring pot-infused edibles and beverages to the Michigan marketplace.

Beer-flavor pot snacks and cannabis-infused refreshments tasting like beer come by December from Short's Brewing Co. and Green Peak Innovations.

This Michigan summer ale has nothing to do with pot, but the promo artwork seems apt. (Photo: Instagram)

Ah, Proposal 1 -- your rewards keep lighting up.

Freep coverage includes this pitch-perfect comment by brewery president Joe Short: "We're stoked to be working with the team at Green Peak."

Don't get too stoked, though -- flavor ≠ high, Gray explains:

Don’t expect a double whammy buzz from the products.

It’s illegal in Michigan to infuse alcoholic beverages with cannabis, so the beverages will mimic the taste of Short’s beers. . . .

Some of the first products from the new partnership will be gummies that taste like popular brands Soft Parade [a Short's fruit ale] and vape pens that taste like Huma Lupa Licious [India Pale Ale].

Short's will also develop a line of cannabis-infused beverages, including a cold-brew coffee, sparkling waters and "mocktail" taonics, teas and lemonades.

"Our partnership with Short’s involves creating marijuana-infused products that mimic the taste of the popular Short’s beers for people who enjoy them, but without the alcohol," the paper quotes Green Peak's CEO as saying Thursday at a Cannabis Capital Conference, sponsored in Detroit by the financial news website Benzinga.  

-- Alan Stamm

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