LeDuff: DPD Sexcapades Continue As Inspector Johnson Texts Image Of His Johnson

Detroit Police DepartmentNobody can accuse the Detroit Police Department these days of being anything less than transparent, Fox 2's Charlie LeDuff reported Friday night as he stood on a set in a thigh-length leather jacket and no pants.

Inspector Don Johnson, commander of the homeland security division, is suspended with pay pending the results of an Internal Affairs investigation. Police sources tell LeDuff Johnson apparently texted a female subordinate a snapshot of his "johnson."

LeDuff says the female subordinate is married, but the photo was found by her boyfriend -- who is also a cop and also her subordinate.

But wait, there's more: Commander James Moore is being investigated by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office for alleged domestic violence involving an incident in a party store with a female coworker that was caught on videotape, Bill Laitner reports in the Free Press.

He quotes Mayor David Bing as saying: "I think we’ve got a culture — maybe in the department, certainly across the city — that needs to change." 

The department has reeled from repeated scandals involving top brass having affairs with subordinates. Former Chief Warren Evans was ousted in July 2010 when Bing learned that Evans was involved with a subordinate. Ralph Godbee Jr. replaced Evans, although he and Bing acknowledged at the time that Godbee, too, had been involved with the same subordinate that Evans was dating. 

Chief Ralph Godbee was forced to resign Oct. 8 in a sex and text scandal of his own after a scorned female officer tweeted a photograph of herself with her lips wrapped around her service revolver? Godbee dispatched a group of undercover cops to track her down.

Godbee was in San Diego at the time attending a police convention. It was revealed that he was there canoodling with another woman who stayed in his room, which was paid for with money seized from Detroit drug dealers.

In a limp defense, Godbee insisted the room had two beds and the two never commingled. But according to reservation documents obtained under the Freedom of information act, Godbee booked a room with only one bed. According to city lawyers, Godbee has not turned in his receipts.

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