Dickerson: The Voting Strategy Behind Right To Life Michigan

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I wonder how many pro-choice Michiganders of either gender even know where candidates seeking their vote for state representative -- or state Supreme Court justice, or county prosecutor -- stand on the abortion issue, asks Free Press columnist Brian Dickerson.

Because if you haven't identified the office seekers who share your pro-choice views, chances are Right to Life's savvy voters took them out months ago.

Last summer, while most Michigan voters were complaining that it was way too early to start thinking about politics, Right to Life was busy mobilizing its anti-abortion army for the August primary.

Maybe you were among the 80% of Michigan voters who ignored that election. But because Michigan's political boundaries have been configured to make most local and legislative offices a lock for one of the two major parties, it turns out that the lightly attended Aug. 7 primary in which the major parties picked their nominees was the election in which most of next week's winners were effectively chosen.

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