Tiny Journalists Cover Barack Obama

The hardest working journalists at Monday's Obama speech were reporters from Birmingham’s KW News program.

That’s Kid Witness News.

Katie and Madeleine, both in second grade, reported from the Detroit Diesel plant in Redford where President Barack Obama spoke about labor and economic policy.

KW News is a project of Robyn Tarnow’s second grade class at Pierce Elementary School. The students write and produce their own public access news program once a month.

And they’re not messing around; these intrepid little reporters gather hard news. In the past, the kiddos have covered the reopening of the Detroit Historical Museum, food policy in schools, and economic reform.

“I think it’s important for kids to know what’s going on in the world. This is a motivating way for them learn that,” says Tarnow.

Looks like Deadline Detroit has some competition.

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