Very Chatty Charlie Langton Loses WXYT Morning Show

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Charlie Langton, the boisterous radio and TV personality, has lost his morning show on WXYT-AM radio.

Detroit News columnist Neil Rubin reports:

Somewhere in the upper reaches of a New York skyscraper, CBS Radio executives decided that what Detroit really needs is an all-sports station packed with syndicated hosts who don't know who's coaching third base for the Tigers, don't care, and are only marginally aware that Comerica Park actually has a third base.

As of Wednesday, then, WXYT-AM becomes the jock-centric CBS Sports Radio 1270, and Langton's sharp, topical, lively and local morning show officially becomes defunct.

Langton, 51, signed off Friday, Rubin says.

But he won't vanish from the airwaves.

Langton, a lawyer, is still the legal commentator for Fox2 and will still do commentary for another CBS station, WWJ.

Langton, a very likable person, makes TV competitors envious because he's able to carry a phone in federal court and call in breaking news to Fox2 before they can.

Reporters can't carry phones in Detroit federal court, though lawyers can. Because Langton is a lawyer, he's got that edge.

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