Snopocalypse Warnings Yield Hundreds Of School Closings, Little Actual Snow

Dire warnings of a blizzard of Biblical proportions (if they had blizzards in the desert) led to a reported 683 school closings and delays this morning. Countless businesses also shut down, delayed opening, or allowed their employees to "work" from home because of the wintery death storm.

Turns out, the northern Oakland and Macomb County saw about five inches of snow according to the Free Press while most of metro Detroit received about two-to-three inches of overnight snow fall.

In other words, it's Michigan. In February. 

The annual over-promise and under-delivery of winter weather really makes one wonder why we take snow days instead of sun days? Like: "Sorry boss, the sun is so blindingly bright that it might be dangerous to drive in today. Plus, with this heat, my vinyl seats will be a nightmare."  

If we are going to pretend perfectly ordinary weather prevents us from going to work and school, we should do it when the weather is nice enough to do something more exciting than watching The Price Is Right or Saved By The Bell reruns with that third bowl of cereal. -- JTW

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