Grosse Pointe Farms Landlord Kicks Out Poor Tenants As Mysterious Land Deals Continue

April 22, 2013, 11:06 PM

Low-income residents of three apartment buildings on Henry Street in Detroit's Cass Corridor were abruptly notified Friday the buildings are being sold and the unknown buyer wants everyone out by May 20, Louis Aguilar reports in the Detroit News.

Tenants are still in disbelief.

"This is so wrong, it's just so wrong," said Cathy Griffeth, a resident of the Berwin apartment at 489 Henry, north of the Fisher Freeway service drive. "We had no clue this was going to happen. I'm on disability like a lot of other people who live here. Do they really think we can find some other place just like that?"

The three apartment buildings are on the 400 block of Henry, just west of Cass Avenue. In addition to the Berwin, the other two buildings are the Claridge at 459 Henry and the Bretton at 439 Henry. All are owned by Peter Mercier of Grosse Pointe Farms.

The deals and other nearby are similar to the nearly two dozen property deals of blighted buildings and vacant parcels that have taken place in the neighborhood since September 2008. Most sellers have signed confidentiality agreements. So far, none of the purchased properties has been renovated or put back to use.

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