Eminem vs. Zuck: Facebook Commercial Provokes Copyright Fight

Facebook ripped off one of Eminem's songs, the rapper's local music licensing company says.

Brian McCollum reports in the Free Press on a copyright complained filed Monday in Detroit federal court:

Eminem's licensing firm is suing Facebook and its ad agency.

Eminem''s song publisher is suing Facebook and its ad agency, claiming they infringed the Detroit rapper’s copyright. . . .

Ferndale-based Eight Mile Style contends that a Facebook ad that was broadcast online April 4 copied music from Eminem’s 2000 song “Under the Influence.”

The 30-second ad, dubbed “Airplane,” was featured in a webcast by Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg to announce Facebook Home, an interface for Android phones.

The ad agency -- Wieden+Kennedy of Portland, Ore. -- changed the music less than a week later in a version on You Tube and aired on TV. 

The lawsuit contends the alteration “was an admission that Facebook knew it had infringed” on the Eminem song.

Read more:  Detroit Free Press

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