Tom Barrow Goes After Mike Duggan: 'He Doesn't Even Have a Detroit Accent'

Dr. John Telford is hustled out of Tuesday night's debate.

Tuesday night showed us one thing: The mayoral race is Detroit is likely to get pretty crazy.

First off, Dr. John Teleford, the former interim Detroit school superintendent was kicked out. He's a mayoral candidate but wasn't among the six candidates  invited to the debate at Galilee Missioinary Baptist Church in Detroit.

So as he tried to speak, but was escorted out by police.

"I'm one of the candidates running for mayor!" shouted Telford from the podium right before the debate got underway, WXYZ reports.  After that, he was ejected.

Then there was Tom Barrow, who repeatedly took shots at one of the leading candidates, Mike Duggan.

“He doesn’t even have a Detroit accent.  He has no idea what we’re about!”
Duggan fired right back, according to the WXYZ video below.

Candidates complained about people talking beyond their allotted time.

“Everybody else has gone over," Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon said. "I’m getting ready to go over.  It’s something I don’t do, is violate the rules, I’m getting ready to violate the rules." 

Candidate Krystal Crittendon, the former top lawyer for the city,  said:

“We need to quit talking about ourselves as though we are this corrupt city and we are not." 

Read more:  WXYZ

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