Word Spreads: U.K. Style Site Gives A Shout to Astro Coffee

August 19, 2013, 11:15 AM

The buzz goes global about Astro Coffee at 2124 Michigan Ave. in Corktown. (Facebook photo/Steve Swartz)

Astro Coffee's reputation continues spreading, this time overseas.

The popular Corktown coffeehop-bakery, which turned two years old last month, earns a spread in a U.K. design and lifestyle digital magazine called We Heart. Executive editor Rob Wilkes describes "a relaxed ship where the ethos is friendliness rather than coffee snobbery . . . . on the increasingly-boho strip of Michigan Avenue." 

He sketches the owners' "cosmopolitan backstory:"

Daisuke Hughes from Ann Arbor, Mich., met Jessica Hicks, from Glen Innes, Australia, while working together in London for Monmouth Coffee Company. . . . They moved to Sydney, Australia, and then to Detroit, where they decided that was all the luggage carrying they wanted to do. . . .

Dai does the coffee, Jessica does the baking.

Nine photos by Evan Hansen, co-creator of Gourmet Underground Detroit, illustrate the short feature -- displayed alongside visit-worthy recommendations from Amsterdam, Dublin, Melbourne, Liverpool, Johannesburg and other destinations.

Astro Coffee's website includes this photo of design details.


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