Citing 'Drunk' Election Workers, Tom Barrow Seeks Recount


Former mayoral candidate Tom Barrow will request  a full recount of mayoral primary election today.

Considering that Barrow received around 3% of the vote in the primary, one might be tempted to wonder why he believes a recount could reverse his fortunes. However, Barrow says there is a culture of "pervasive lawlessness" in Detroit's election department and some election workers were even afflicted by the demon rum.

WDIV: "There is a pervasive lawlessness that we have witnessed throughout our election process," Barrow said. "Our challengers saw it. The people working in many of the instances -- particularly Cobo Hall -- clearly were not trained. Some were obviously drunk."

He will ask for a manual recount when the Wayne County Board of Canvassers meets on Tuesday.

Barrow won just 3,690 votes according the current tally in the August 6 primary.

This was Barrow's fourth unsuccessful attempt to become Detroit's mayor.

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