Will 'Low Winter Sun' Get the Nod for A Second Season?

Chris Mundy: "I wouldn't push a bet."

Will AMC’s Detroit cop show “Low Winter Sun” get a shot at a second season?

Chris Mundy, the show’s executive producer, tells Deadline Detroit that the network will decide as soon as next month, but no later than December, whether to renew the show, which was shot in Detroit, warts and all.

“I’m optimistic, but honestly, I wouldn’t push a bet right now,” he said.

He said he sat down with the network people late last week to discuss the show, and the direction it might take next season.

“They love the show,” he said of AMC. “They feel really good about it creatively. They wish the numbers were better.”

The first episode started out with a respectable 2.51 million viewers, according to the Nielsen ratings.  The next episode slipped to 1.47 million viewers and the last couple episodes slipped below 1 million, according to Nielsen, though Mundy said the figures were actually much better than the Nielsen figures when figuring in DVR viewers.

Still, they could have been better.  Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to compare them  to the wildly popular AMC show “Breaking Bad”, which ran five seasons and topped 10.3 million viewers for the Sept. 29 finale. The week before, it had 6.6 million, according to Nielsen.

AMC did not return calls requesting a comment.

"Low Winter Sun," which showed a dark side of the city, played to mixed reviews. Some viewers found it moved too slow and was too dark. But others loved it; the intrigue and darkness and the acting of some first-rate actors.

The first season ended Oct. 6 on a very strong note with a two-hour finale that was lively and had some of the energy seen in “Breaking Bad.”

Mundy said traditionally AMC shows “take time to build.”

So the question is:  Will AMC give Low Winter Sun that time?

He said the second season would move on beyond the two cops, Joe Geddes and Frank Agnew, killing Brendan McCann.

“I think everything that happened in the first season happened. But it won’t be the primary investigative focus. It will certainly be loaded in there emotionally.”

He said the first season was about covering up something. He said the second season will  be about uncovering something.

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