Post-X Games Plans Take Preliminary Shape -- With A Couple Of Key Gaps

Planning continues for a four-day Assemble festival next summer, the brainchild of former Detroit X Games bid-meisters Garret Koehler and Kevin Krease -- though they still have two big gaps: money and locations.

Amanda Lewan has an update at Hell Yeah Detroit:

Assemble Detroit will have four main components to the summer event: Sports, Noise, Idea and Form. What does that mean? According to their most recent posting, it is meant to reflect on three aspects of Detroit – our creativity, action and determination. . . .

The location hasn’t been determined other than downtown. There also hasn’t been an official mention of funding just yet. That’s going to be needed.

Permanent wall murals are part of the vision.

For now, the ambitious vision includes skateboarding and BMX competitions, music stages to "showcase established and up-and-coming acts" and permanent murals by "globally renowned street artists . . . on the walls of a downtown corridor."

The slogan is as bold and sweeping as those dreams: "Assemble exists to amplify and further the rebuilding of Detroit."

We're not scoffing, mind you. Remember, the guys pushed the city into the final four for ESPN's Summer X Games.  

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