Detroit Lions Help Give Livernois Avenue a Facelift

Livernois Avenue/ (Google map)

This won't do anything to improve the Lions' record next season, but it may win over a few hearts. 

Michael Martinez of the Detroit News reports that Livernois Avenue got a facelift -- thanks to a partnership with the Lions and Hatch Detroit, which has a yearly contest to help a startup in the city.

The News reports that the Lions and Hatch purchased and installed signage for five local businesses along the stretch of Livernois between Seven and Eight Mile.

The News reported that It’s part of the Lions’ Living for the City philanthropic initiative.

The stores that were the beneficiary of the kind act included: Jo’s Gallery, Micah’s Salon, Times Square Menswear, Motown Portrait Photography Studio and Jo’s Gallery Cafe.  -- A.L.


Read more:  Detroit News

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