A Day in the Life of Detroit: Michigan Avenue in Corktown

July 27, 2014, 5:09 PM

Photos by Paul Warner

When Tiger Stadium Michigan closed on Sept. 27, 1999, some wondered what the future held for the Corktown neighborhood. Well, here it is, nearly 15 years later, and things are looking pretty promising. New restaurants and bars have surfaced, there's been an influx of young residents, and some of the iconic joints like Nemo's and Casey's have hung in there. 

We recently spent a day driving around, hanging out, talking to folks and snapping pictures.                                                                                      

Roslyn Love gets her hair done by hairdresser Mark Anthony at the Xcalibur Salon                                              

This is the real red bull outside the Mercury Bar, not that stuff that claims to give you a pick me up.       


Everyone has got something to say. Some people just prefer this venue rather than Facebook or Twitter.


With all the restaurants and bars on Michigan Avenue, it's good to know there's some places to work off those calories.  This is at Detroit Tough. 


Owner Erin Gavle of the El Dorado General Store, which sells antiques and clothing, has been open for "a week and a day."   


The campaign folks for Phil Cavanagh gathered for a bite to eat at McShane's at Trumbull and Michigan.


 A little game of bocce ball at the Motor City Winery.   


 The legends -- Tiger Stadium and Ernie Harwell -- live on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Enjoying some grub from the Bucharest Grill. (L-R) Brooklyn Bell (in pink)of Fort Wayne, IN, Alisha Parnin of Fort Wayne, IN and Heather Goldsmith of Detroit. Bell and Parnin were visiting Goldsmith.


Frank Zappa is alive and well on Michigan Avenue at the Corktown Tavern.

A beautiful sky hangs over Michigan Avenue.



  Hanging out at the Lager House. Nice cowboy hat.


 A little to-go bag from Slows. Cool pants. 



Is bar art really art?


Taking in an afternoon ball game at Nemo's.


One of the more interesting looking buildings on Michigan Avenue. It's the El Dorado General Store.
The legendary Checker Cab still hanging in there.

The phone doesn't work. The towing services is no longer in business.

A loan shop always gives a block an old school look.

These two don't have to worry about sharing the sidewalk on Michigan Avenue.

A sack of fun. Good but not good for you. Just ask your cardiologist.

Better to work out than hit the White Castle.


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