Former Detroit Lion Barry Sanders to Garth Brooks: 'Want to Be My VP?'

February 28, 2020, 2:02 PM by  Allan Lengel

The Detroit Lions tweet this.

Former Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders is having a little fun with the craziness over fans who mistakenly thought country music star Garth Brooks was supporting Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders when he wore a Sanders football jersey at a Ford Field concert. It was really a Barry Sanders tribute.

On Friday, Sanders tweets: 

Earlier, one Brooks fan wrote on social media: "If this is truly Garth, very sad. You just lost a fan. Trump 2020."

Also on Friday,  the Detroit Lions tweet of Barry Sanders:  "He's got our vote."


Angry, Confused Fans Label Garth Brooks a Bernie Bro for Wearing Barry Sanders Jersey In Detroit 

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