Two in Harper Woods PD lose jobs in investigation of woman's death in custody

August 20, 2020, 6:38 AM

Two members of the Harper Woods Police Department have been fired, in connection with the investigation into Priscilla Slater's death in the city's lockup, in June. 

Priscilla Slater (File photo)

A deputy chief and a patrol officer were found to have "attempted to conceal and manipulate evidence" in the death investigation. Few details have been released about the incident. 

The News reports:

Six Police Department employees, two supervisors and four civilian aides, were put on administrative leave in response to Slater's death, officials have said.

The death led to multiple protests amid the Black Lives Matter demonstrations that have swept the nation since May, with local protesters seeking answers about what led to Slater's death and linking it to others around the country involving black residents and police.

It has been a difficult summer for the east-side suburb. In addition to Slater's death, Mayor Kenneth Poynter was pushed to resign after telling community members, "I understand why white people would  become white supremacists." 

And in July, a firefighter was placed on administrative leave for posting a social media photo in which he made a hand gesture associated with white supremacy, although he was later cleared. This week, the city posted a statement that explained:

Based on their investigation, the firefighter has been cleared of any possible wrongdoing associated with the picture. Pastor Harville met with the firefighter, and his impressions after that meeting are particularly compelling. Pastor Harville found the firefighter to be extremely remorseful, distraught, and learned why his actions raised concerns. More importantly, Pastor Harville was satisfied the gesture was not motivated by any bad intent but rather it was a part of an ongoing family game.

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