Detroit U.S. Attorney Adds Evidence Michigan House Speaker Chatfield Is Full of B.S.

October 12, 2020, 8:25 PM by  Allan Lengel

Matthew Schneider: "There was a lot of talk."

Detroit U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider, a Trump appointee, talks in a measured way during an interview on WXYZ on Monday night.

But the translation is clear:  Michigan GOP House Speaker Lee Chatfield is way off-base when he blames Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for not warning him and others about a possible plot to storm the Capitol and take political hostages. In fact, Schneider's statement clarifies why the feds also didn't reach out to Chatfield and company.

"What this was is a group of people who were planning, that they were mad at the government and they were planning some sort of nefarious action," Schneider tells Dave LewAllen. "Now, they talked about a lot of things -- whether or not they would bomb a police car, kill police officers, storm the Capitol. There was a lot of talk.

"Evenutally ... the evidence shows that that focused on the governor and the conspiracy to kidnap the governor, and that's ultimately where they agreed that that's the road they wanted to go down."

In other words, the group determined Whitmer was the sole target, no other politicians. 

Besides, Whitmer's camp rightly argues it was up to the FBI and other law enforcement to warn people of the secret undercover investigation.

Schneider declined to say whether there will be more arrests beyond the 13 suspects, but said the investigation is ongoing.


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