TCF Center Detroit vote-count drama: Deleted scenes and fan extras

November 05, 2020, 7:08 AM

With all due respect to the many local reporters who covered the demonstrations outside the TCF Center yesterday -- including Deadline's own Violet Ikonomova and Michael Lucido -- this is one story where some supplemental reading is well worth your time. 

Many news junkies are on Twitter, and we found Twitter to be an indispensible resource for finding the good stuff. Here, let us guide you through a few of our Thursday-morning finds.

Here's Fox News' Tucker Carlson, communicating with his reporter about the count, and concluding with a casual insult that totally blew him off our Christmas-card list:

One of the more amusing items was from Texas Scorecard, a conservative news site, offering these surreptitiously recorded and quietly narrated surveillance videos of "wagons, suitcases and coolers" being wheeled into the TCF Center in the dead of night, as absentee ballots were being counted within. 

Back in Detroit, WXYZ's Ross Jones was happy to clear up the wagon question:

Note: The video was taken by a Texas lawyer named Kellye SoRelle. At first we thought that might be an anagram for "Nancy Drew," but no, it's just another detail to make anyone over 40 feel old: That some mothers now stick an extra e on the end of Kelly when naming their babies. 

Here's our own Violet, capturing this interpretive dance routine/sermon toward dusk last night:

Pop quiz in creative writing class: Write a 200-word scene about the people in this photo:

We could do this all day, but we encourage you to do your own searching. Look outside your bubble! It's fun!

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