Beaumont Employee Selfie Speaks a Thousand Words

November 24, 2020, 4:49 PM


Beaumont Health CEO John Fox is trying to make nice with employees who work at Michigan’s biggest hospital network.

The Atlanta carpetbagger’s charm offensive isn’t going too well.

Fox, who is under siege with calls from doctors, nurses and donors howling for his resignation, more than a week ago sent out an employee communique informing them they would receive a special $1,000 bonus and other modest benefits in appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

Beaumont employees this week received a Thanksgiving note in the mail from Fox reminding them of his “Appreciation Payment” and wishing them a “heartfelt” Happy Thanksgiving.

A Beaumont employee shared with Deadline Detroit a selfie that captures the person’s heartfelt reaction to John Fox’s Thanksgiving message, and likely many of the 38,000 colleagues. The employee understandably insisted on not being identified.

Deadline Detroit invites Beaumont employees to send their creative reactions to Fox’s Thanksgiving message. We will ensure anonymity of submissions.

The winner will be treated to a martini with John Fox nemesis Eric Starkman at the writer’s favorite bar and restaurant in southeastern Michigan — that is when Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says it’s OK to visit again.

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