Is Matt Patricia fighting trolls from an anonymous Twitter account?

December 02, 2020, 11:47 AM

Eddy P, defender of Matt Edward Patricia.

Amidst the dayslong dance on Matt Patricia's grave, a staunch defender of the former Lions head coach has emerged: @EddyPLionsFan.

As first reported by Metro Times, Eddy P has been reply-guying Patricia-bashers on Twitter since Sunday, after being silent on the site for months. He's blamed problems on ex-general manager Bob Quinn, who was fired with Patricia Saturday. He's said Patrica was too good for the team. And he's fired back at a guy with just 57 followers, telling him, "Patricia accomplished more than you ever have or ever will. If the Lions organization had listened to him everything would be different."

Eddy P is probably Matt Patricia, Twitter sleuths surmise. Here's their evidence, as compiled by MT:

  • Patricia's middle name is Edward
  • Eddy P's last tweet was Sept. 4, just before the season started.
  • Eddy P follows mostly sports commentators, current and former Lions players, and active and past Patriots players.
  • Eddy P's bio says he has three kids and a beautiful wife. Patricia has these things too.
  • In that same bio, Eddy P calls himself a "Tech Nerd." Patricia graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York state.

The account was created in September 2020. 

A separate, unverified Twitter account that purports to be the real Matt Patricia says he does not have a burner account. On that feed, the possible Patricia laments not having been given a blue check and the fact that "a fake burner account of me got 1000 more followers than me."

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