Largest share of Michigan Covid patients are in their 20s, though nearly all survive

December 05, 2020, 3:14 PM by  Alan Stamm

The pandemic of 2020 has infected more Michigan residents in their 20s than any other age group, nine months of data show.


(Graphics: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services)

Those over 60 face the biggest death risk, as they have since March.

As the state's Covid toll climbs toward 400,000 cases and 10,000 fatalities, we look beyond the health department's one-day counts posted Monday through Saturday to present its year-to-date tallies by age categories.

The Department of Health and Human Services displays the cumulative charts shown here to show confirmed diagnoses for nine age brackets and coronavirus deaths by seven categories. (The low number of deaths among those under 20 aren't shown.) 

Michiganians in their 20s have the most Covid diagnoses -- 74,985 as of Saturday, which is 19% of the 395,036 cases confirmed. This age group also is first proportionally by population share, but accounts for only 38 deaths (one-third of 1%).

The second-largest number of cases affects those in their 50s -- 62,051 (15.7% of the total). But residents in their 40s are affected at a higher rate proportionally.

People in their 80s have the second-lowest number of cases at 19,827 (5%), but the most deaths -- 4,453 (45.2% of all 9,854 linked to Covid).

Those aged 70-79 account for 7.1% of infections (28,153) and just over 27% of deaths (2,676).

Michiganians in their 60s have 12% of virus diagnoses (47,177) and 16.4% of fatalities (1,613).


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