Rap Stars and Fans Salute Doughboy Roc, 'a Detroit Legend'

Doughboy Roc in a 2015 video by Jerry Johnson of Detroit.

Call it a social media requiem for a rap heavyweight.

Regrets, reflections and other reactions to Monday afternoon's west-side Detroit slaying of recording artist Doughboy Roc (Rodney Yeargin, 29).

Online tributes flow from friends, other Detroiters, fans elsewhere and prominent performers. "We gotta do better" tweets Big Sean, who's also 29 and has four studio albums.

More than a few posts call the murder victim "a Detroit legend." Doughboyz Cashout member HBK Kid tweets: "Not just me but the whole city lost a real good nigga. . . . We love you."

The fatal shooting, which hasn't led to an arrest, makes news around the world. (Foreign language headlines are at the end of this post.)

The slain rapper gained prominence as a member of Doughboyz Cashout, known as DBC and called "a hip-hop supergroup." It formed in 2006 by uniting two popular west-side crews -- the Doughboyz and the Cashoutboyz (aka Cashout Rich Niggas).

Their debut album in 2012, "Free Roc," was a reference to Yeargin's incarceration from 2011-13 for violating probation after a felony foirearm conviction.

"It's a sad day in Detroit," says one tweet about Doughboy Roc, shown at Grandy's Coney Island on Fenkell Street in a video by Joseph McFashion.

In early 2013, Young Jeezy signed Doughboyz Cashout to his Corporate Thugz Entertainment recording label. That August, the firm released a mixtape, "Boss Yo Life Up Gang," with Jeezy, Doughboyz Cashout and YG, plus a single of "Mob Life" by Doughboyz Cashout.

These are among tributes flowing online:

► Can’t believe u gone, man. We shared some great memories. You treated me like I was yo lil brother. -- Jerry Johnson, Detroit video producer

► RIP to a real Detroit legend. -- Anthony Parratto

► It's a sad day in Detroit!! -- E.Z. Moore, Detroit 

► RIP Roc, Detroit legend. -- Manwel Sulyman

► RIP to a real Brightmoor legend. . . . So many looked up to you and all of DBC. . . .You will never be forgotten. -- Reddit user "2hoodrich4me"

► Another talent gone for no reason at all. So sick of this. -- Reddit user "TheBrothersClegane"

► Saying Rest In Peace to Doughboy Roc doesn’t even sound right. -- "Lavish Lee"

► Doughboyz Cashout will never be the same without Roc. -- "Angel Tello"

These headlines from Italy (left) and Russia reflect global coverage of the Detroit "assassination:"


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