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November 26, 2020, 11:00 AM


Any week is an ideal time to buy us a round if you value this site's daily stream of news, features, commentary and videos. This holiday is ideal as you reflect on reasons for gratitude.

Through a topsy-turvy year of urgent developments, we've continued an eight-year tradition of creating and aggregating coverage to help inform, entertain and enlighten. It's heartening to see rising readership and words of appreciation, such as one from St. Clair Shores reader Terry Blastenbrei. "For my non-Detroit friends, while our local news folks here are doing a great job of covering the Michigan shitshow, might I suggest reading Deadline Detroit ... as well," he tweeted last Friday.


Membership contributions also are uplifting, so we shake our cup like this occasionally as a reminder that membership for $3 a month or more is a meaningful way to support independent journalism. This is among original reporting and column in recent days:

Non-corporate newsgathering needs community support, in addition to ads. Your donation helps us post uninhibited reporting and commentary without a subscription paywall. It also makes you eligible for monthly rewards, such as $20 Amazon gift certificates that three members won this week.

Thanks for valuing our public service and confirming that it makes a difference, particularly this tumultuous year. Happy Thanksgiving!

-- Deadline Detroit staff



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